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Todd Snider's top 10 albums of the past year

January 14, 2010 Comments: 0
Todd Snider

Todd Snider’s top 10 albums of 2009, as posted on his Facebook page. All the words (and the spellings) are his. Who am I to interfere?
1. phish – exile on mainstreet.
my new favorite band tackles my favorite album of my all time favorite band and do they ever. bong meltingly groovy times. i started getting into these guys about a year ago and then a couple months ago trey mentioned me in a magazine and i had one of them taylor swift like gushy shock of joy tantrums (right in front of some people.)

2. phish – joy
like i said, im going thru a bit of a phish phraise. this album contains my new stance and motto on and for every situation i encounter from now on. "the only rule is it begins"
3. robert earl keen – rose hotel
robert has always been a favorite of mine and with this he heads even further into his weirdness than ever singing about free hbo and 10,000 chinese walking into a bar. its like mark twain meets willie nelson.
4. yonder mountain string band – show
they call this music jam grass sometimes..... but these guys take it everywhere and i mean everywhere both musically and geographically they are all over the map and being followed all over that map by smoked out bare foot hippies
5. les claypool – of foe and fungai
i saw les claypool at Allgood and was completely taken by the performance. i was side stage and got to see him rifle thru his masks. for the encore he chose the monkey mask over the pig mask and i thought, yeah... nice.
6. kris kristofferson – closer to the bone
i think kris on don was are on a roll with these recordings and kris is the most respected writer in country music since hank williams. i went to some dinner for him the other night and there were so many country stars there that i hyperventalated and had to leave.
7. the rolling stones – exile on mainstreet (re-issue)
i know its not out yet, but thru a connection ive got to hear it and there is a song mick sings about holding hands with the river that just kills me. he may be my favorite lyricist. note to stones fans. there really are songs we havent heard yet. even those of us who think we have all the exile stuff.
8. kings of leon new album
more like kings of the world now. charmer kills me. i think these guys got talent to spare. i saw the kings of leon years ago at the exit inn in nashville and it was just as epic then. congrats kings. you make nashville proud (so do you jack white)
9. jack ingram – big dreams and high hopes
jack and i are such buddies that i almost forgot to put him on my list but he's also may favorite country singer and proof to me that country can rock sometimes. take it to the people jack
10. robyn hitchcock – good night oslo
we wore this out on the road this year. and saw him play three times. i think he's a killer performer and watching peter buck crawl out of a van to play rock and roll with a friend for no real descernable reason but fun just makes me feel better about everything

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