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Some ideas for thematic CD samplers or iPod playlists. Add your own suggestions or submit an entire list

Not all Americana songs are about trucks and trains, but the same subjects do pop up over and over again. So here's some suggestions for thematic CD samplers. The list is in no particular order and is, of course, entirely subjective and primarily based on the contents of my CD collection. Click below the list to make your own suggestions. Or submit an entire list for future publication here.

Hang 'em High

February 8, 2010 Comments: 4
Hang 'em High

This is a rather short list – which is probably a good thing since it’s about lynching – and it stretches the limits of the genre somewhat. But I wanted to include it because it was the reason I thought it would be interesting to put songs into thematic lists in the first place. Hmm, I thought while listening to “Colly Davis”, I wonder how many songs there are about lynching. Please do add comments with more suggestions (as long as they aren’t Toby Keith!)
1. Colly Davis – New Grass Revival
This ain’t police business up on White Oak Hill tonight
2. Mary Danced with Soldiers – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Shawl across her shoulders to keep away the chill
3. Land of the Shadows – Ben Bedford
Just a northern boy, didn’t mean a thing, only seen Mississippi in magazines
4. Miss Otis Regrets – Kirsty MacColl (among others)
She lifted up her lovely head and cried, madam
5. The Sky Above, the Mud Below – Tom Russell
Court’s in session, hear ye, hear ye, yours truly is presiding
6. Strange Fruit – Billie Holliday
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root

lynching songs

At the risk of sounding like a blatant self publicist...
My song Zero Street from my album Tales of light and darkness.

The Ballad of Cable Hogue - Calexico

Don't twist too hard darlin' on your hangin' rope

Great video for this one too, you can see it on Youtube.

'Jesse Washington'

'Jesse Washington' off the extraordinary album, World Without End by John Murry and Bob Frank. It's a gruesome, hard-hitting, and truly graphic collection of murder ballads wriiten by the pair around real stories of murder in the US in the early 1900s...

Also, 'Hang Me, Oh Hang Me' by Deep Dark Woods!!

Hang 'em High

Twistin' - Slaid Cleaves
"A cheer rises up from the crowd, As I hold him, twistin' in the wind"