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We're All Leaving

Dave Gunning

March 7, 2010 Comments: 1

Dave Gunning, from Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast, explores the theme of a yearning for earlier, simpler times on his seventh album, ranging from a touching elegy to an abandoned small town to seeking a time when pride wasn’t foolish and a man was measured by the weight of his word.  
“Made on a Monday” is the standout track on first listen, and its catchy chorus makes it an obvious choice for a single.  Comparing himself to a car rolling off the production line, Gunning wonders whether he was made after everyone had been partying over the weekend, with the result that nothing fits quite right: Maybe they were tired from the weekend, Not feeling great, not seeing straight.
“Before The Morning Sun” has heartfelt lyrics and a different angle on a story of the decline of the family farm – the narrator faces the hangman after shooting the banker who has taken away his parents’ farm.  Looking back again in “As Far As This Town Goes”, he thinks back to a girl he left behind when he left his hometown, and wonders what became of her. 
All eleven songs are co-written by Gunning, six of them with his close collaborator Jamie Robinson, who also produces and plays guitar and various other instruments.
Dave Gunning has a pleasing voice, the production is polished and his band’s playing is immaculate throughout.  But there may not be enough here to enable Gunning to stand out from the crowd.  And, if you like your country music with a few rough edges, this is probably not for you. 


Dave Gunning

I recently saw Dave play for the first time in Belfast. I barely knew his music, having only heard the occasional song on Bob Harris's BBC shows. I was simply blown away. He played a selection of songs from his last 3 albums "Two-Bit World", "Home For Sale" and the album reviewed here "We're All Leaving". I was staggered, not only by his impressive finger pickin' guitar style, but by the sheer beauty of his songs. His voice may not be the best, but he certainly knows how to wrap it around his lyrics and musical accompaniment. Just give a listen to "Saltwater Hearts" from "Two-Bit", "These Roads" from "House For Sale" and "Ashen Town" from this album and tell me you are not listening to something and someone special. There are no rough edges, there aren't supposed to be any, this is a writer whose songs come from real life experiences and from the heart. This is an artist from the very top-drawer. A month ago I barely knew the music of Dave Gunning, now I am enlightened. Go listen for yourselves and I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience. He's the best 'new to me' artist I have heard in many a long year.

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